Westchester County Weighs Creating Energy Director Post

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Westchester County Legislator Catherine Parker recently proposed the creation of an energy director position for the county.
Westchester County Legislator Catherine Parker recently proposed the creation of an energy director position for the county. Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Westchester County Legislator Catherine Parker, D-Rye, recently introduced a bill that calls for the creation of an energy director position for the county.

The purpose behind the legislation is to have a commissioner-level person in charge of working with other county departments to incorporate technologies to reduce the county’s greenhouse gas emissions and find grant and funding opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades for infrastructure.

“Right now, we’re accomplishing piecemeal progress across the county in terms of achieving real energy efficiencies instead of developing a strategy to become a leader in this regard,” Parker said in a statement. “To stay ahead of the environmental curve and create new initiatives that will boost economic development in the county, we need someone in place with the mission to focus simply on energy-related issues for the county.”

The new legislation will soon be discussed in the county Board of Legislators Environment and Energy Committee, which Parker chairs, and the Budget and Appropriation and Legislation committees.

All Democratic caucus members of the board have signed on as co-sponsors of the bill.

  • 15

Comments (15)

The county still trys to cover up all the truthful comments made by us taxpayers. The county has its employees write long comments that are completely irrelevant
To the topic being targeted in order to stop the people from reading the truth.
Westchester County is the home of the cover - up of the truth. The County does not want people to know the truth that why it places long comments on this page to intentionally mislead the people.

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The only thing thats fake is your comment that intentionally trys to hide the truth about how us taxpayers really feel about this new post being generated at the taxpayers expense.

Example : Keep burning garbage!
The best Energy and Taxpayer in Peekskill Waste Managements generation company. And more Nuclear generation .

; 1in Peekskill a Taxpayer that just Just burn more garbage into cheap Energy.

Enstead of consoildating county government, the so
called county's
politicians want to
establish yet another
layer of government
and place more
restictions on its
people who are
already outrageously
over taxed, over
burdened and now
propose yet another
waste of our tax
Taxpayers dont want more government, more taxes, more regulations, and more restrictions on our civil liberties.
These politicians do not make decisions in the best interest of its people. Its all about the money and never about the people.

That would be the Democrats creating more county government and Republicans wanting less county government.

The difference is obvious. The choice is yours to make.

More regulations and more taxes, just what we need here in
Westchester County
should be completely
investigated and
monitored carefully.
We need people to
form a committee or a separate party
that opposes all the wasteful spending
and all the layers of
Unfair government.
Including the unfair
zoning regulations
that basically take
away peoples
property rights.
Lets ask Mr. Astorino
If he thinks he is doing such a great job, then why are the people of westchester being forced out of their homes because of outrageous taxes?
Why do we pay taxes when people are be restricted from enjoying their property?

The problem we have is that the people dont stand up and
fight ! People just
talk about these
things but noone
ever stands up and
does anything about
it. We dont need this
Type of government !
The people should
have a choice but in
this county, its not
about the people, its
about how much
money each
politician can grab
from us taxpayer each year. We are
sick and tired of
these good old boys
in public office.
Westchester county needs some serious changes or things will always remain as they are now.
People are sick of the lies and the broken promises made by most politicians here in westchester. Even the branches of westchester county are ineffective and dont help the people.

Just what Westchester County taxpayers needs, more wasteful spending, more layers of government, another big pay check that taxpayers will be forced to pay each year? Astorino talks about how he cut taxes when westchester is the highest taxed county
In our country. Who is he kidding? Westchester county does nothing for its people accept over tax us and take away our property rights by more zoning restrictions each year. People are leaving westchester by the thousands because they are sick and tired of being over taxed and overly burdened each year. Westchester politicians do not
Act in the best of interest of its people.
How many more millions of dollars will be wasted or misused this year?

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Just what we need, another administration post, to have a political supporter appointed to. Good greif.

Agree with Mr Scott. Of course all Democrats have signed on as co-sponsors. They never met a taxpayer dollar they didn't want to spend creating more layers of inefficient government and awarding more fellow Dems with big paychecks.

Make sure you vote for Astorino in November. Nothing will change if Cuomo gets reelected.

OOOH goodie, just what we need. Another bureaucrat and more regulation. It sounds like another six figure salary we'd have to support.

You literally took the words right out of my mouth.....