NY Times Reports Cuomo Tells GOP To Be Leery Of Nominating Astorino

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Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino will likely seek to challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino will likely seek to challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Photo Credit: File

Updated 6:30 p.m. WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- The New York Times is reporting that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has spoken to top GOP officials within the state and warned them about nominating Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino to be their gubernatorial candidate. 

Theories abound as to why Cuomo took this unexpected step in what could be a gubernatorial battle between Westchester residents. Cuomo is a Mount Kisco resident, while Astorino lives in Mount Pleasant.

According to the article, some believe it is his desire to secure his bid for re-election by muddling the Republican race.

Others believe Astorino's far-right stance on social issues could cause moderate voters to turn against Senate Republicans, whom Cuomo has a strong working relationship with, the Times said. 

William O'Reilly, campaign spokesman for Astorino, said, ”As for Gov. Cuomo, it's clear he doesn't want to face Rob Astorino in the fall. Rob has a strong tax and economic record, he's popular and the state is badly falling behind other areas of the country in population and job loss."

"I wouldn't want to run against Astorino either. Those are his exact issues," he said. 

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Suzanne Samin contributed to this report.

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Comments (23)

I'm starting to be leery of the NY Times.

Astorino is the guy who said about people on Medicaid who couldn't get their teeth fixed "Soup is good", so nominate him for the Marie Antoinette "Let Them Eat Cake" award. He's an intellectual lightweight and a Tea Partier to the core. I don't always agree with Gov. Cuomo, but next to Astorino he is Mahatma Gandhi. The GOP is in sad shape if Astorino is the best that they have.

Are you out of your head or are you independently wealthy? We rank third in people leaving states for other states. Only New Jersey and Ct rank above us. A door knob would doi, a better job as governor than King Cuomo!

I've never heard a candidate from the opposing party telling the opposite party who they should nominate. In reality, cuomo is admitting he wants the status quo because the republicans are making the deals with him now!!! It just goes to show the republican party has given in to the democrats and the liberals, there's no fight left in the party except for a few like Rob Astorino.

im happy to see so many astorino supporters. please continue your effort to elect Rob Astorino for governor.
the problem is 11 million people live south of putnam county, westch. nyc. long island, theres only 19 million in the whole state. thats 58% of the population. get everyone you know to go to the polls in nov.cuomos gotta go.

Rob won twice in Westchester County. LI folks are pissed at Cuomo over Common Core & their electric bills going up by > $100 per month thanks to Cuomo fiddling with their electric company ( http://www.newsday.com/share/pseg-power-supply-charge-to-increase-again-1.7233315 ) NY City makes up less than 30% of the vote that will determine the next Governor. Astorino, who speaks fluent Spanish, got 61% of the Latino vote in Westchester which is 2 to 1 Democrat. NY City has 37.5% of their population who identifies themselves as Latino. How do you think targeted TV Commercials with Rob Astorino speaking Spanish will play as it is pumped into the city limits? Rob is a winner & has a very good chance of displacing Cuomo this November. Remember, Pataki was NEVER ahead in any poll until he beat Mario Cuomo. Good day.

Andrew Cuomo has to go! Period. No candidate could be worse. The SAFE Act, Dream Act, college for criminals, his January 17 tirade targeting conservatives, he claims "NY is Open for Business" when we have a record number of businesses moving out of the state or closing. I have personally met and conversed with Rob Astorino on two occasions. He has said all the right things on both. Is that who he is or the politician in him? I don't know but, we do know Cuomo and we can't have any more of this!

The audacity of King Cuomo II is exceeded only by Obama's. Warning republicans not to support a possible opponent? LOL. Most of this country hates NY, I can understand why. They see Cuomo, Shelly Silver, Chuckie Schumer, Rev Al, deBlasio, etc and we ARE them in the country's eyes. Upstaters hate us too, they lump Westchester & LI in with NYC of course. Astorino seems to be the only viable candidate to go up against the king, who must be threatened if he's issuing warnings to repubs.

Do not forget Andrew Cuomo is a political savage hater who will say and do anything to remain in power.

I'll say it now. Whether you love or hate Astorino, he will lose miserably to Cuomo in NY. Mt. Pleasant is not in any way a legitimate cross-section of the voting public throughout the state. The one thing you will be able to count on if he runs, is Westchester county being neglected while Astorino runs his campaign for governor. You think the potholes are bad now!!

84% of the 62 Counties are AGAINST Cuomo's unSAFE Act and have passed resolutions stating so. Western & Northern NY wants Cuomo gone. George Pataki was NEVER ahead in any poll until he displaced Mario Cuomo during bad economic times. Things are NOT very good out there and they are getting worse by the day. Cuomo's Gotta GO!!

Does this MAP look like the second one being posted? The 1st one is Mario Cuomo "Losing Map". The 2nd one is the Counties who have voted to tell Gov. Cuomo they want his unSAFE Act REPEALED. What say you?



Political jockeying, thats all it is...Right now I have no leanings toward either candidate. I do believe that the mandate Astorino received in November has shrunk some because as of election eve he was a candidate for Governor & there are some who believe he is not devoting a total effort in Westchester as a result.

All you shills love to talk about mandates.

Astorino has no mandate and neither does Bramson.

Love Astorino....as County Executive. Cuomo will kick his butt, and Astorino will be a Lame Duck. Hubris at work

Dream on, but that's not how it works.

I've said it already on another article, but I'll say it again. I like how Rob Astorino handles our local problems. If he can take that same approach and apply it to the state, I think he would make an excellent governor.

Of course Cuomo doesn't want Rob Astorino. Gov. Cuomo has a PROBLEM & that "problem" is named Rob Astorino. New York is LOSING under Cuomo who is simply managing the decay here in NY State and working his black-magic, turning NY State into the next Detroit. Enough already! Cuomo's Gotta GO!! Astorino is a WAY better choice.

GOV. CUOMO IS OUT OF TOUCH: It seems as if Cuomo is more concerned about giving free college to prison inmates than saving jobs here in NY State.

That's right, Cuomo, if he gets his way, will be using YOUR TAX DOLLARS to provide college education to rapists, murderers, pedophiles, muggers, domestic abusers, etc. So if you want to vote for him in November, you're part of the problem that is causing NY State to lose 8,705 people per month who leave NY for freer, less taxed states like Florida.

NY State under Cuomo Governorship:
570 jobs lost-Sikorsky Aircraft-closed
174 jobs lost -Dal-Tile Corp-closed
592 jobs lost- Archcare Inc-closing
375 jobs lost- Ralcorp- closing 2 plants
84 jobs lost- Vette Thermal Solutions – moving to NH
350 jobs lost -Daikin McQuay-moving Auburn plant to Tennessee
86 jobs lost-Oberdorfer foundry in DeWitt, NY is closing in May
65 jobs lost - Advanced Monolythic Ceramics in Olean – moving to CA
35 jobs lost-Bombardier Mass transit – closing
50 jobs lost-Spectrum Plastics – closing
160 jobs lost-Menands company (Albany International) – moving to NH by end of 2013
700 jobs lost-IBM June 2013
400 jobs Bausch & Lomb HQ leaving Rochester, NY
2,000 jobs lost - Remington expanding $32m ammunition plant outside Cuomo's business & 2nd Rights hostile NY
100+ Jobs Kahr Firearms Group - heading to Pennsylvania to avoid business risks faced in NY under Cuomo
200 jobs lost - December 2013 update: General Electric has announced it will move 200 jobs from its capacitor plant in Fort Edward, NY to Florida in order to cut costs.
600 jobs lost - Alcoa's decision to shut down the Massena East plant announced January 2014.
525 jobs lost - The Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. announced Tuesday January 22, 2014 that it will be closing its Old Mill Road plant in the next two to three years, a move that will affect hundreds of local employees.
300 jobs lost - Penguin Group USA Incorporated a/k/a Penguin Random House announced the elimination of ~ 300 jobs - going to Westminster, Md. and Crawfordsville, Ind. and out of NY State by year end.

Unfortunately, NY ranks last in the United States as far as business friendly environments. Cuomo is no friend to NY State Business & it's time for him to go.

VOTE On 11.4.14

Its not progressive to side with business. Do we really need jobs?

Wow... Thank you for putting the harsh truth out there!! So scary and sad. I HOPE this information that you took the time to inform us about will wake up more New Yorkers. I was never a supporter of Andrew OR Mario, and they have to be told the gravy train has come to a screeching halt. I love love NY, and always will, but moving to another state is looking better & better every day! (It's been a year already that I've been laid-off, and can't find any work!!). Frankly, the only thing holding me here these days are my elderly parents, otherwise, bye-bye! So sad.

Spot on. Cuomo is exactly what we don't need. November can't come soon enough for me.

I do not like cuomo. At all. NYC is not NY state.

NYC would like it to be.

Why do we keep electing the likes of Andrea Stewart-Cousins & George Latimer? They do nothing to make NY better unless you're on food stamps or some other state program.