Gov. Cuomo Casts Vote In New Castle; Blasts Utilities

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo voted Tuesday morning in New Castle.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo voted Tuesday morning in New Castle. Photo Credit: Brian Marschhauser

NEW CASTLE, N.Y. - Gov. Andrew Cuomo cast his ballot early Tuesday morning at the Mt. Kisco Presbyterian Church only hours after signing an executive order allowing Westchester residents in disaster areas to vote at any polling location.

"I think it's a good impression on our democracy that people are without power and dealing with other issues, but they still get out to vote and make it their business to vote. And that's the way it should be." Cuomo said. "These are big issues that this state and this nation are facing."

Cuomo, whose hometown of New Castle still has more than 3,400 power outages, also took a few minutes to blast utility companies regarding the lengthy restoration period following Hurricane Sandy. He called the amount of power outages remaining in Westchester "unacceptable."

"It's not a god-given right to be a utility company," Cuomo said. "We have a responsibility to make sure that they're performing, and we will."

Cuomo's executive order, issued Monday night, allows any voter registered in a federally declared disaster county after Hurricane Sandy can vote on an affidavit ballot at any polling site in New York regardless of where they are registered.

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Comments (9)

So, do you think the utility companies are intentionally overlooking Pound Ridge's restoration? Seems to me they are working as hard as they can, 24/7 and doing the best job possible. And, they clearly explained their prioritization plan and how long it would take to restore power, particularly to areas with less dense populations. Unfortunately given the severity of the storm I think it is unrealistic to put an exact time table on when power could be restored, but eventually it will. The only thing that could have accelerated the restoration schedule would be to have more crews imported from other areas of the country, so that is the one area that needs to be analyzed in more detail?

Parts of Pound Ridge/Scotts Corners are still out. Even the Sunoco station and Chubby's Hardware are still on generators at Day Nine after Sandy hit. The library just got their power yesterday. The Hiram Halle Library should have had their power restored far sooner than Day Eight since that's a place where people can go to warm up, recharge cell phones, etc. The library is a community building and should have been a TOP priority for restoration. NYSEG continues to fail Pound Ridge's restoration. I'd like to see some real action from Gov. Cuomo. I urge all residents to contact Cuomo via email on with your complaints.

As of Wednesday 07NOV12 9:00 am.......
On 18 Howe Street in South Salem, we have a dangling snapped utility pole and downed wires that are crossing our driveway. Immediately after the storm, we called it in as an 'emergency ticket' as my wife is an essential employee in a hospital and we could not leave our driveway. After 2 days of non response from NYSEG, we ignored instructions and lifted the downed wires with a wood pole and we moved our cars into the street. Since that day, we have called NYSEG daily, not to repair our power, but to please remove the wires move so we could get out of our house safely (as far as they know our cars should still be inaccesible, if we followed their instructions). As of today, the only assistance we have received is that assesors came by 3 times, as it appears NYSEG is duplicating tickets (that was a quote from the assessor). The only response from the assessor was, 'This is bad, I will call it in'. With schools back in session and power now restored to the rest of our neighborhood, I am quite concerned that children are walking by the dangling pole with winds expected this afternoon and there are hanging wires within easy reach . We have called our town officials, but appears their is nothing NYSEG will do to expedite. If anyone has any suggestions, please let us know.

Tuesday November 5, 2012 This morning I drove my daughter to the bus stop @645am, I called NYSEG to see if the time of restoration had changed. Restoration was to be done by tonight tuesday by 11pm. At approximately 2pm two trucks came with a replacement pole for my street 27 Nancys Lane in Pound Ridge, boy was I excited, FINALLY power back. @3pm I drove out of my house and barely avoided a tangled mess of wires that were low enough for me to drive right into and who knows what would've happened. I couldn't understand why NYSEG would do such a thing but as I continued to drive down my street, I noticed one truck was all the way at the end of Nancys Lane just sitting there with the long pool in the back of the truck and two repair guys just sitting, the other truck had left, odd. I came back from picking up my daughter and they were still sitting there. Her tutor came @345 and I asked if he had seen the truck, no truck. @6pm my daughter having her drivers permit is driving herself to a school activity and literally almost drove right into the wires, if I hadn't lifted my head at that very moment with enough time to scream STOP, I don't know what would've happened. @approx 8pm I called to see what the recording said and to add more flame to the fire, it said power had been restored. I of course called the emergency number and told them the truth and about the wires. It is now 8:45pm my husband just walked in from work, I had warned him about the wires since its completely pitch black outside and he said the wires are still hanging in the way of traffic. Long story short I can't help but think that those NYSEG workers sat around for hours, did nothing and then reported their work done. But why would they do that to the wires? Why would they leave them like that? My entire block is still in the dark, no power

The Governor of the state is responsible to oversee agencies such as the Public Service Commission (PSC). The PSC Regulates utilities including Con Ed, so either they forgot to review the storm plan in advance (not) or the Gov. is just looking to bolster his Presidential aspirations by beating on a company that will keep quiet and take the beating.
PS Wires don’t take trees down trees take wires down, so the next time you are out hugging your tree ask it not to come down in a storm.

You go Sandy!!!! I love your comment. So true!!!!

Of course we had to get out to vote today. We had to make sure to vote out all the incompetent politicians who babble on incessantly about holding the utilities accountable. Blah, blah, blah.....all they ever do is TALK!!! You'd think that, after Hurricane Irene and the snowstorm last Halloween, they would have actually DONE something to ensure that proper emergency plans were in place and ready for the next storm/emergency.

How much will it cost me when the Gov is done blasting the utilities? The only thing I got from Con Ed last week was a bill.

NYSEG website celebrating the first of 40 crews from Western Canada arriving. When are the rest expected, mid-January? Does NYSEG actually have any of their own crews? All I have seen is a couple of small NYSEG White Pick Up Trucks that look like the rentals they give you at Home Depot.