Bramson Unveils Television Ad Featuring Gun Violence Victims

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NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y.-- New Rochelle Mayor and Westchester county executive candidate Noam Bramson recently released his latest television advertisement, which features victims of gun violence. 

The victims in the ad object to County Executive Robert Astorino's decision to bring gun shows back to the Westchester County Center, where they had previously been banned prior to his election. 

The family members featured in the ad will join Bramson, a Democrat, at a news conference outside of the County Center to call for a permanent ban on gun shows at the venue. 

The Westchester County Center is at 198 Central Ave. in White Plains. 

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Comments (7)

@DemsRGr8t, you really have no clue, do you? The Constitution (have you heard of that document?) guarantees the right to bear arms, so the total gun control that you advocate will NEVER be a reality. Live in the real world. Automatic weapons can be debated for hunting, but for home defense they make complete sense. A 100lb single mom can fire an automatic weapon much easier than a shotgun in the event of a home invasion. Strict background checks are a must, but those of us that are lawful citizens possessing guns for lawful purposes should not have their rights curtailed, especially by naive fools.

It doesn't matter if a gun has been used in the undertaking of a crime and no one needs automatic weapons to hunt. The only people who should possess guns are the police and only when at work. Even some of them should be investigated for being pro-NRA. It's time for the smart people to take back our towns and our county and say goodbye to those responsible for ignorance and attitude problems. Hopefully no more innocent people will die when Dems are elected in November.

Can Bramson show that any of the guns purchased at these gun shows were used in any crimes? Undoubtedly most or all of the guns sold at these shows were purchased by hunters and/or lawful homeowners for self defense. If he can't prove any kind of link, then it is just fear-mongering.

Noam Bramson's ad is shameful. Westchester, unlike other places, requires strict background checks.

If this is what he has to go after Astorino on, he's got nothing. Cuomos' gun law is a travesty, and we all know assault weapons are rarely used in crimes.

Running a campaign based on fear means the candidate brings nothing tangible to the table.

Funny how astorino has run 4 TV ads now and the daily voice hasn't put this videos up