Astorino Lampoons Both Himself, Cuomo In Video Parody

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Westchester County Executive and Republican gubernatorial nominee Rob Astorino showed a different side to his squeaky-clean facade in his video, "Bad Astorino." 

The video, which was filmed as a farcical rebuttal for the NY Legislative Correspondents Association dinner on June 10, shows the Thornwood native engaging in wholesome activities, including, but not limited to: showing up late to empty press conferences, day drinking, smoking, arguing with his wife and talking with his mouth full. 

"I'm running for governor," he yells with his mouth full of donut. "I'm trying to save this state." 

Accompanying Astorino in the video are his wife, children, and longtime friends and associates of his -- including sportscaster Michael Kay, Cardinal Edward Egan and members of his campaign staff.

The video, while mostly intended for as a joke, did not come without its select jabs at rival Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

In one scene, Astorino's wife, Sheila, complains that she wishes she had a kitchen like Sandra Lee, Cuomo's girlfriend. 

"Do you know how much this stuff costs, you gotta get permits for that," Astorino says, to which his wife retorts, "Permits? Who needs permits? You think Sandra Lee got permits?" 

Campaign spokeswoman Jessica Proud said the jab was meant to call attention to Cuomo's New Castle home, which has undergone extensive kitchen renovations without obtaining necessary permits and tax valuation.

This, according to a report by, may have allowed Lee to pay $8,200 less in property taxes than  normal. Read the full LoHud article here.

Proud said an assessor who visited the $1.2 million home which Lee has dubbed "Lily Pond," in a number of interviews was not allowed inside the property, and had to perform an assessment on the exterior alone.

"(Astorino) has called on Cuomo to let the assessor into the home," she said. "People in New York have the right to know if he's paying their fair share of taxes. What are they hiding? Why won't they open the door?"

Proud said while the video is not a formal campaign video for the public, Astorino's staff is happy to share it and hope it makes Astorino more relatable and appealing to New York voters.

"It shows a human side to him, that he's willing to have fun and not take himself too seriously," she said.


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Comments (18)

Wow, well this has completely doomed his campaign!

That's not a serious statement, is it 'light0122'? Good thing you're not in charge of any campaigns --or anyone trying their hand at comedy.
It's hysterical, as anyone with 1/2 a sense of humor knows.

his campaign was doomed from the start. he doesn't have a chance against Cuomo


Does Cuomo even know a joke?

No,because he is a joke.

um...Political suicide much?...Mr.Pass-the-Rino

Holy crap, this is funny.
Now win, Rob --so we can stop laughing at Albany.

I'm hoping I'm right that one of the tacit messages intended is to poke at the nanny state. If so that would sew up my support as long as I don't find any hypocritical votes/policy positions in his history.

Founder, NYC Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment (C.L.A.S.H.)

That Was Great ....

Thanks for the chuckle - love it! Rob is the one for New York!

The Astorino video is very clever, but it continues to pander through innuendo to the notion that Sandra Lee's tenant -- who apparently id not on title to the property – is somehow complicit in a conspiracy to deprive the Town of New Castle of desperately needed tax revenue.

The editors of the Astorino Video were able to include Mrs. Astorino, some of the children, Rob’s love of Tostito’s, Cardinal Egan, but not Rob Astorino’s father?

Twenty years ago, Rob Astorino was quoted in the New York Times (May 11, 1994): "I'm proud of my father. For 30 years he's been a distinguished member of the Mount Vernon Police Department."

Seems to me the Astorino campaign is missing an opportunity to include focus on the full story of Rob Astorino’s background and character.

Anything less is depriving the public of a full picture of the Real Rob Astorino.

Former state Sen. Nick Spano slams Rob Astorino over "convicted felon" criticism

Former state Sen. Nicholas Spano, in a nasty rebuke of Republican Rob Astorino, says the GOP’s gubernatorial hopeful should look inside his own family before he complains about a convicted felons raising money for his opponent.

Spano sent a scathing letter to Astorino accusing him of having a double standard when it comes to money from felons, noting that Astorino’s father, a former Mount Vernon police detective, pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges in 1994 and has donated $1,200 to his campaigns for county executive.

“If you believe that a ‘convicted felon’ should not be allowed to participate in the democratic process, then practice what you preach and start in your own home,” Spano wrote. “To do otherwise would be completely hypocritical.”

Spano’s letter was a response to comments Astorino made in a radio interview Friday when he was asked if he would return money raised by supporters through a controversial D-Day money bomb. Many Democrats and veterans viewed the money bomb as inappropriate.

“I think when Andrew Cuomo gives the money back that he raised when a convicted felon did a fundraiser for him, maybe that would be more appropriate, or when Start-Up New York, which is taxpayer money really wrapped into a political commercial for him,” Astorino said on public radio’s “The Capitol Pressroom.” “When he gives that money than we’ll talk about it.”

Astorino’s campaign later identified the felon as Spano, who served time in jail for tax fraud. Spano, a Republican who now works as a lobbyist, hosted a fundraiser for Cuomo earlier this spring.

Here’s the full text of Spano’s letter:

Dear Mr. Astorino;

I am disappointed at the double standard you exhibited in defending your “D-Day” fundraiser that has offended many veterans because of its inappropriate images of veterans’ graves and its equating of the Governor to our enemies in World War Two.

Asked by these veterans and others to return the funds, rather than address the issue, your response was to criticize the Governor for accepting funds “raised by a convicted felon,” which your campaign staff confirmed was me.

Let me direct your attention to another convicted felon who donated to a political campaign, and how you reacted then. The convicted felon would be your father, the former Chief of Detectives of Mount Vernon, who served a year in federal prison after he pleaded guilty in 1994 to stealing money during an F.B.I investigation into police corruption. The political campaign would be yours for County Executive, to which you father made donations exceeding $1,200 some years after his release.

You showed support for your father following his arrest, saying in the newspapers that you were “proud of him.” Asked about him again when you announced your campaign for governor this year, you said “he paid his price, but we’ve always had a great relationship that continues to this day.”

You are a former Christian broadcaster, and claim to be guided by the principles of your faith. Yet it seems that , in your opinion, the right to pay the price for transgressions and move on is limited to your family, and that it does not apply to others.

How do you explain why it is fine for you to accept a donation from a convicted felon, yet not acceptable for anyone else?

If you wish to be Governor, I ask that you do a better job in considering the requirement to apply the same standards to all New Yorkers, and that you not reserve redemption and forgiveness only for members of your own family.

If you believe that a “convicted felon” should not be allowed to participate in the democratic process, then practice what you preach and start in your own home. To do otherwise would be completely hypocritical.


Nick Spano

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Sorry. Colbert got the job already.

Horrible video. Tacky!!!!

I don't think you know what good taste is, Sandra Lee!

If Rob's goal was to humanize himself and show a favorable yet unseen side of himself to voters, he hit pay dirt big time. My hat is off to him for taking this risk, and he's certainly polling higher in my own house :) Nice job!

Did Astorino wear a weasel mask in this video?