Report: Two Men Arrested At Westchester County Airport

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HARRISON, N.Y. -- Two Florida men were arrested at the Westchester County Airport after they became loud and disruptive on a JetBlue flight, according to a report from the Journal News.

The two cousins refused to turn off their electronic devices and then refused orders from the captain and crew on the flight from Florida, the report said.

They were arrested by county police after landing, and one of the men told an officer that he would blow up the airport, according to the report. Police also found some Xanax in the other man's luggage, the report said.

The man who is accused of making the threat was charged with third-degree falsley reporting an incident and disorderly conduct. The other was charged with seventh-degree possession of a controlled substance and disorderly conduct.

Click here to see the original report on the Journal News.

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Comments (7)

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You have to admit this country HAS TO UP THE SECURITY for more serious incidents... just sayin'.

yeah, i know... i am sarcastic. How unfortunate for others to have to ride it out with idiots on a plane

MaXiPxGrL:, They can't be on every plane.

where was the deputy marshal? So EVERYONE on the plane had to deal with those two unlucky charms?