Bill OK'd To Let County Provide Local Police Service

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Under a bill approved by the Westchester County Board of Legistors, the county could provide all police services to municipalities that request it.
Under a bill approved by the Westchester County Board of Legistors, the county could provide all police services to municipalities that request it. Photo Credit: File

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – In an effort to save money on police services for both local and county government, Westchester County legislators approved a bill to let the county provide full police services to municipalities.

Currently, county police can provide only supplemental and special services or necessary aid to local police forces. The new law, when signed by County Executive Rob Astorino, will remove that provision and allow county police to take over all duties of a local police department.

The bill was sponsored by Legislator Catherine Borgia (D-Ossining), who signed the first police shared services agreement with the county as Ossining town supervisor in 2010.

“Giving our municipalities the opportunity to obtain their entire police operations from the county makes sense in so many ways,” said Borgia, chair of the Board of Legislators’ Government Operations Committee. “With future strains on municipal budgets in mind, options for shared services like police operations should be available.”

Under the county’s agreement with Ossining for shared police services, all 15 members of the local department became county officers. With the new law, agreements for shared police services would be increased from four years to five, and would require the approval of the Board of Legislators and the local governing body.

County police will continue to provide special services to any municipality that requests it.

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Comments (8)

Could they really save with that strategy?

Does anybody have numbers on 'THE SAVINGS" that bringing in county vs. Ossining Town police? Real numbers? not the ones dreamed up by Catherine Borgia?

Greenburgh dad worry about the the five or 6 police department in your town. Talk about redundant?

Some towns and villages need their own police departments and some don't!! Just that simple! A place like Portchester needs their own and a place like Chappaqua defenetly doesn't!

Do county police officers make the same salary as local police officers?
We need to take steps to decrease the budgets of local and county governments. Bronxville seems to be increasing their force where high taxes are a big issue.

The TRUTH if county officers decreases local forces that would be fine, but I'm not sure that is the case.

Maybe they could use county officers to avoid paying all of the over time pay that goes to local police officers?

I guess it is more efficient to have 46 municipal police depts. for each town or village? GreenburghDad because you live in a town with multiple police departments with taxes beyond belief you want to punish the rest of Westchester? Paul Feiner might be the Messiah for you but for many in Westchester he is just the opposite.

County police should be eliminated all together, we are one of the only states left in America that has county police and county government, both of which are redundant, do nothing for the public and are a total waste of money and resources