Videos Show Galloping Horse On I-684

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A second YouTube video shows a galloping horse on Interstate 684. Photo Credit: YouTube/Sam Hollander
The first YouTube video shows a horse galloping on Interstate 684. Photo Credit: YouTube/Sam Hollander

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Video clips show unusual traffic on Interstate 684, although it is equine instead of vehicular.

The videos, posted to YouTube by Sam Hollander, shows a galloping horse heading northbound near the Exit 6 interchange with Route 35 in Katonah.

Even though the horse jumped over the guard rail into the southbound lanes, no accidents occurred as a result of the incident.

“This is gonna go viral,” said a woman heard in the video.

The incident occurred on Monday, according to New York State Police, with the horse subsequently being caught and put into a horse trailer. 

Information as to who owns the horse and how it became loose was not immediately available.

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Comments (4)

First the Kentucky derby now this!!! we need to stop horsing around!!! :)

Information on the owner would be great!

I love it! Run glad you didn't get hurt, always check the doors, twice even.

Wow, oh wow! That 2nd video was something with the horse going across to the on coming traffic. I once had a bear go across Rt 1 in Maine in front of my car and I slowed avoiding hitting it. Luckily the truck behind me did not hit me. Animals do present a challenge especially the small ones you can't see but I don't think I have ever seen or heard of a horse crossing a highway without a driver.