North Castle Seeks Public Opinion On Brynwood Project

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A diagram of the proposed changes to Brynwood Golf & Country Club, with the housing community highlighted by the white area in the lower right Photo Credit: Provided

ARMONK, N.Y. – The New Castle Town Board asked residents for their opinions about what should be studied during the research stages of Brynwood Golf & Country Club’s proposal to add a residential community to its Armonk location.

The session was held Monday night at the Hergenhan Recreation Center in Armonk. The proposed project is a residential community with 88 condominiums on 14.7 acres of land. The project will also make improvements to the golf course and country club.

Armonk resident Robert Greene, former North Castle Planning Board chairperson, said he was concerned at the possibility that Brynwood's project could fail.

"I think what the board has to do is think about what if their projections fail, there's a risk involved," Greene said. "They're going to make their best effort to make it happen, but we need to understand the impact of that gamble."

Armonk resident Rick Wolff reiterated Greene's point that the town needs to look at the possibility that the residential area could succeed while the golf course fails, or vice versa.

"Most people know that country clubs today across the country are failing," Wolff said.

Ed Woodyard voiced his concerns of how building the project could affect nearby Armonk schools. Brynwood's location is directly adjacent to the Coman Hill Elementary School.

"My concern is with the kids at the schools," Woodyard said. "How will this construction affect the kids?"

Town Planner Adam Kaufman said that a scoping document with all the research points involved in the project will be posted on the town website once the process is complete and that a public hearing on the project will be scheduled at a future meeting.

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