North Castle Launches Single Stream Recycling

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The Town of North Castle is switching to single stream recycling with a goal of being more environmentally friendly. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Diane Didonato-Roth

ARMONK, N.Y. -- The Town of North Castle is continuing to make its case for most environmentally friendly Westchester municipality.

The town has launched single stream recycling, which means all metals, paper and plastics will be collected at one time. The town believes this will save money in the long run and cause residents to recycle more.

Previously residents had to put paper and cardboard and then glass the next week.

"It created an inconvenience," former councilwoman Diane Didonato-Roth, who supported single stream recycling said. "We don't think people recycle as well when you do it that way."

Didonato-Roth pointed out that if you forgot to recycle paper, you would have four weeks worth of paper stocked up in your house.

"It's such a benefit," Didonato-Roth said.

Didonato-Roth said the town will save more than $400,000 with the single stream recycling.

"This is friendly to the earth and friendly to our budget," Didonato-Roth said. "It saves the town a lot of money."

For years, the town has been working to make North Castle more environmentally friendly. The town has hosted zero waste days in April. 

"We have been able through education and encouragement to have the residents recycle," Didonato-Roth said. "We have less waste in our waste."

The town is able to save money since they pay for its garbage pickup by the tonnage. 

"It saves us money which is the biggest encouragement," Didonato-Roth said.

North Castle is the first municipality to undertake single stream recycling and Didonato-Roth said she hopes it becomes a model throughout Westchester.

"It's okay to be the first sometimes," Didonato-Roth said. "We want to encourage other communities to go to single stream so we can reduce waste and get ourselves closer to zero. It's much more convenient for residents."

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