North Castle Fires Labor Negotiator

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NORTH CASTLE, N.Y. -- The town of North Castle has dismissed its labor negotiator after learning about a breach of confidentiality, according to 

The Town Board unanimously agreed to end its contract with Michael Richardson after it was learned he had discussed issues related to the CSEA contract negotiations former Supervisor Howard Arden, reported. 

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Most incumbents who lose a political race exit the stage, then continue on in private life with class. Then again, there is Howard Arden. Here is a man who is so angry that he was defeated, that he continues to practice the vile form of politics that got him, Roth and Cronin defeated in a landslide. Richardson made a huge mistake by speaking with Arden, but Arden should never have made that call. It is a matter of intelligence, integrity and knowledge of what is proper in government and negotiations. Howard Arden just disgraced himself with a public act of impropriety.