Newly Created North Castle Arts Council To Support, Coordinate Groups

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Photo Credit: North Castle Arts Council

ARMONK, N.Y. -- A newly formed organization, the North Castle Arts Council, will help support and coordinate art entities within the town of North Castle.

The mission of The North Castle Arts Council (NCAC) is to enrich lives and raise the quality of life in the town of North Castle by presenting an array of exceptional and diverse arts experiences and connecting them to the community.

The council seeks to nurture a vibrant arts community, foster artistic excellence, and bring people together for powerful shared experiences.

The key objective of NCAC is to create synergy, efficiency, and support amongst existing art entities including the Small Town Theatre Company, the Armonk Players, the Hudson Stage Company, Standing Ovations and Theatre Arts Workshop.

The council hopes to accomplish its objectives through various strategies including common marketing programs, subscriptions, web and e-mail services, reservation system, use of similar resources such as volunteers and equipment and intra-communication to help cross promotion and to prevent program overlap and saturation.

NCAC will also help underutilized town facilities such as Whippoorwill Hall, the Hergenhan Center and Wampus Brook Park to achieve more utility by attracting quality programs from outside North Castle.

Additionally, NCAC can serve as a resource, in the form of talent and volunteers, for North Castle organization sponsored events including the art show, the Frosty Winter Parade, the Road Race and the Cider and Doughnut Festival.

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