Metro-North Reduces Schedule For Wednesday Morning As Storm Nears

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Metro-North will combine some trains on Wednesday morning because of the anticipated winter storm Wednesday. Photo Credit: File photo

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Metro-North will cut back its regular train schedule 18 percent Wednesday because of the snow-and-ice storm forecast to hit Westchester County on Wednesday and the region.

Twenty seven of the usual 154 morning rush-hour trains will be combined Wednesday, allowing the commuter railroad to hold back extra trains to pick up passengers if necessary, Metro-North announced on its website.

For Wednesday, Metro-North will operate a regular schedule with train combinations in the morning peak. Delays and additional train combinations may occur, depending upon the severity of the storm.

For detailed train schedule information, use Metro-North's interactive schedules page.

Riders are advised to take care during bad weather and allow for additional travel time. Customers should use caution when entering and exiting trains, and on platforms and staircases.

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Comments (5)

Native New Yorker:

So lets see - poor road conditions so hold back on Mass Transportation, government at work.

Now if this were a Private Industry then Senator Schumer with Governor Andrew Cuomo would be ranting and raving, demanding money for his favorite charity - themselves.

Wow what a wonderful condition ! A government that takes and takes but somehow can not serve.


OMG - is it only in greenburgh? God forbid greenburgh residents be inconvenienced! It's snow & ice - do you really think it won't impact mass transit? You can blame the MTA for non-weather related problems but not the weather. I can't wait to move out of this town - I've lived a lot of places but never in a place like this where people are so self serving, "entitled", incapable of handling inconvenience, etc. Stay home and enjoy your families!


Delays on Metro North? So what else is new?


We were hit so hard by the Winter Storm this time.I think it is only the beginning and more snow is on the way.

River Rat:

Give it a rest.It's WINTER.Wear a coat.

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