Hurricane Sandy Cost North Castle $580,000 So Far

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North Castle was left with a lot of storm cleanup after Hurricane Sandy, which has a large cost. Photo Credit: Robert Michelin

ARMONK, N.Y. - Even though it's been weeks since Hurricane Sandy hit the area, the town of North Castle still is feeling the effects. That includes the town's wallet, as costs related to the storm currently total $580,000.

"We hope to have almost all of it paid back by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)," said North Castle Town Supervisor Joan Goldberg. 

North Castle's tab related to Sandy includes costs that occurred during the storm and also during the aftermath. The largest cost related to the storm includes brush and tree removal, which the town estimates will cost around $250,000 and can take the town as long as 10 months to complete. During and immediately after the storm, it cost the town $100,000 in overtime pay for highway workers to clear the roads. Police officers working overtime throughout the storm cost the town around $60,000.

Other expenses for the town include operating 16 generators for two weeks in order to keep the water and sewer systems running at a cost of $75,000. To keep an emergency shelter open for residents for two weeks cost the town $10,000 and expenses related to damaged infrastructure around the town was about $85,000. 

If the town receives 75 percent of the costs back from FEMA, as it plans, it will receive around $435,000 which leaves the town with $145,000 of costs. Goldberg said it has not yet been determined how much money the town will get from FEMA as these costs are only preliminary and more costs may be added.

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Comments (7)


Howard is the Sup. The article is WRONG. One wonders what else is incorrect.


@Patrecea: Joan Goldberg is the town administrator.


I thought Howard Arden was North Castle Supervisor

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