High Gas Prices Drive Out Armonk Residents

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Gas prices at the Armonk Shell station on Friday are some of the highest in Westchester County. Photo Credit: Robert Michelin

ARMONK, N.Y. – The high cost of gas was a theme of the summer in Armonk, and the price at the pump keeps rising as fall begins.

The price for regular grade at the Shell station on Main Street was as high as $4.79 per gallon last week. By Friday, the price had dropped to $4.73 a gallon for credit purchases and was 10 cents cheaper with cash.

That price is up about 30 cents from just more than a month ago. On Aug. 10, the price for regular was $4.49. The price is also more than the New York State average, which as of Friday was $4.15 a gallon for regular.

The high prices in town drive people to go elsewhere to fill up, Armonk residents say.

“Never buy gas in Armonk, our prices are the highest in Westchester,” resident Alice Feldman said in a Facebook post.

If Armonk residents are looking to save some money at the pump, it could be worth the  drive. Armonk residents Matthew Rosen and Jacquie Inerfeld said they go to North White Plains to fill up, while Beverly Kezsbom said she goes to Thornwood.

“North White Plains is the best deal around,” Rosen said.

In White Plains, prices can be found as low as $4.04 a gallon for regular. In Mount Pleasant, one Gulf station in Valhalla had regular grade for $4.19 a gallon on Friday.

Residents may think they can drive the price down by boycotting certain stations, but that's unrealistic, gasoline expert Patrick DeHaan with GasBuddy.com.

“It’s all a pipe dream because if you say, 'All right, well, we’re not going to go to this station anymore because it’s too expensive so we’ll go to another,'” DeHaan said. “Then the demand of gas at that new station is going to go up and so will the price.”

There is only one solution, DeHaan said, and it is an extreme one.

“The only way to get them to drop significantly is for Americans to drive less and stay off the road,” DeHaan said. “But there’s not enough people out there who are willing to do that.”

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