Armonk Animal Shelter Seeks Homes For Cats, Dogs

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Adopt-A-Dog Inc. kennel manager Kristen Alouisa stands with a puppy named Cinnamon outside of the shelter, which is at 23 Cox Ave., Armonk. Photo Credit: Michael Nocella

ARMONK, N.Y. – Adopt-A-Dog Inc., a nonprofit animal shelter at 23 Cox Ave., is still working on making Armonk feel like home — for itself and its four-legged friends.

“I don’t think too many people know about us yet,” said kennel manager Kristen Alouisa. “We opened here in 1999, but we’re still looking for as many homes as possible for these guys. So we’re trying to get a little more involved in the community.”

The nonprofit dog and cat rescue sanctuary originally began in 1981 in Connecticut. Now with two shelter sites, the organization prides itself on finding safe, permanent homes for dogs, and sometimes cats.

“We get our animals from a few different sources,” Alouisa said. “Most of them are from people who simply can’t keep them. We also take on puppy mill rescues.”

Alouisa said her shelter holds as many as 40 dogs at one time, always keeping them on board until an appropriate home is found.

“The only time we’ll put one down is for medical or extreme behavior issues, both of which are very rare incidences,” she said.

Adopt-A-Dog operates completely from donations. All animals available for adoption are up-to-date on their vaccine shots and neutered or spayed. While all applicants are welcomed, adoption applications must be done in person. Alouisa insists on at least two in-person visits before a potential owner can take an animal home.

“We’ll bring the dogs to them once, and we like them to come here once,” she said. “We also do reference checks. It’s not just about finding a home. It’s about finding a good home that we know will be a permanent situation.”

Although applications must be done in person, those interested are encouraged to see which animals are available by browsing through their pictures on Adopt-A-Dog’s website.

The Armonk Daily Voice will begin posting an Adopt-A-Dog animal in need of a home once a week every Saturday, starting next week.

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